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In Residence: Mocha

The Office Space: Tell us a little bit Mocha and what the business does?

Mocha Director, Mark Shaw: Mocha is a new independent full service mobile communications company, with strategy and creativity at its heart. Mocha’s sole purpose is making mobile easy and effective from a brand building and sales perspective for brands and agencies. We work with brands to develop and implement holistic mobile campaigns, and we work with media and advertising agencies looking for a single entity to manage their mobile requirements from strategy and creative to planning, buying and reporting.

TOS: What is mobile communication and where does Mocha fit within it?

MS: Mobile communications is on a fast trajectory. Marketers and agencies alike know the importance of mobile as a consumer device, however, advertising revenue still doesn’t match the consumption of the device. Mocha exists to help marketers and agencies understand how to make mobile communications creative and effective.

TOS: What separates Mocha from other mobile communications companies?

MS: Mocha believes that creativity is the key to unlocking the success of mobile as a communications channel. The mobile advertising industry has to date, been driven by great technology players. Our position is that great technology alone isn’t enough, unless it is driven by strong ideas and creative thinking. Mobile campaigns need to be consumer focussed, not just tech focussed. The marrying together, of great strategic thinking, great creative and great technology is a sublime opportunity for brands and agencies, and this is core to the Mocha proposition.

TOS: How has technology changed the way advertising is done?

MS: Technology changes the advertising landscape on a daily basis.  New technology drives new possibilities in communications. It goes without saying that technology is particularly influential in the mobile advertising space. Most notable is the advent of programmatic media buying, and the data and audience targeting capabilities that come with it. Mocha has partnered with a mobile DSP, Byyd Tech, to enable the delivery of mobile ads programmatically to precisely targeted audiences at scale. This collection of creative, strategy and programmatic planning and buying is a unique and powerful proposition for the market.

TOS: How important is creativity in advertising and how does it affect your work?

MS: Creativity is at the core of Mocha, it drives everything we do! Mocha has been established around a creative and ideation DNA. Through a strategy and creative led approach, matched with the power of programmatic planning and buying, we offer brands and agencies an unprecedented full service mobile solutions opportunity.

TOS: What is your favourite Surry Hills coffee spot or go to for lunch?

MS: We can’t go past Single Origin for our morning coffee fix. And for lunch, we love a delicious Mediterranean feast at The Reservoir.

TOS: And lastly, tell us what you enjoy most about working out of The Office Space?

MS: The ease and energy of The Office Space. The brilliant team at The Office Space makes the day-to-day running of our business simple & effortless – thank you ladies. And we love being surrounded by like-minded businesses. www.mochamobile.com.au

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