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In Residence: Marketing Management Partners

We catch up with director of Marketing Management Partners Anne Guethoff to find out a little more about her unique approach to marketing.

THE OFFICE SPACE: Tell us a little about Marketing Management Partners and what the company does?

ANNE GUETHOFF: We are your outsourced marketing team! Marketing Management Partners provides businesses that don’t have sufficient or the right marketing resources in-house with marketing strategy and execution services. For some clients this means managing their entire marketing mix over the long-term and for others we only develop a project, a launch, full marketing or lead gen strategy and they implement it themselves. We are an extension of their in-house team and provide the often, much needed resource and skill set boost.

TOS: What’s different or interesting about Marketing Management Partners approach to marketing?

AG: We believe in an integrated strategy-to-execution process – how could it be different with my German heritage. We don’t start executing an idea, campaign without asking ‘why?’ and doing all of the analysis required. Having a strategy and plan in place before executing means that you are not asking that question when the project is not delivering at the end. Our clients value us because yes, we can talk strategy and think high level BUT: we also make it happen (and we don’t get paid for a chat in the kitchen like some in-house resources). Strategy AND execution as a service sets us apart from many other consultants and agencies.

TOS: Can you tell us about some of the projects that MMP has worked on, collaborated on and so on?

AG: Our ideal customer is a medium size company with an emphasis on B2B marketing. Client examples include cloud integration company Fronde which we are helping with lead gen; Porsche Design eyewear; Cycling Australia; Champion System customer wear and Herrmann International (HBDI profile) and Shimano. One client close to our heart is ‘Tour de Cure’, a charity that rides their bicycles to generate awarness and funds to cure cancer. We are Tour de Cure’s ‘outsourced marketing team’ and handle all of their strategy planning, campaigns, social media, PR and beyond.

TOS: What’s next for MMP?

AG: FY2016 is all about growing our portfolio of services. Next to our strategy and execution portfolio we are launching new products in the marketing education and workshop area plus, we are putting more emphasis on marketing & sales integration.

TOS: What is your favourite place in Surry Hills for an after work drink or your favourite coffee place?

AG: You cannot beat Single Origin for coffee and TOKO for a special celebration dinner.

TOS: Lastly, what is your favourite thing about working at The Office Space?

AG: We have ‘lived’ here for over three years and love the exposure to the many different companies around us that inspire you, the flexibility to scale up and down when you need it and the support from the Office Space team which goes above and beyond. marketingmp.com.au

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