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In Residence: Ampersand

This month we catch up with entrepreneur Sally Firkin to chat about her company Ampersand – an agency specialising in creating effective tax strategies for high net worth individuals and creating seamless, efficient in house accounting systems for SMEs. The Office Space: Can you tell us a little about Ampersand and how you got started? Ampersand director, Sally Firkin: I actually fell into the industry after receiving a job offer through a personal connection. Having worked for another firm for 10 years I used the experience and expertise I gained to start my own business. Ampersand specialises in creating effective tax strategies for high net worth individuals and creating seamless, efficient in house accounting systems for small to medium enterprises. TOS: That’s really interesting, what encouraged you to start your own business? SF: One of the biggest motivators was not having to answer to anyone else and also the flexibility I have in regards to hours and the operation of my own business. TOS: Being a woman and a successful entrepreneur what are some of the biggest challenges you have faced and see other woman facing? SF: Personally I have been very fortunate in that I had a lot of positive support from many people in my life on my journey in starting Ampersand. I am definitely aware that not everybody, especially woman, have this experience. A lot of it will come down to what expectations and values you need to uphold in order to influence change and progress. TOS: Do you have an industry focus? SF: Surprisingly no. I have a diverse spectrum of clients from the construction industry to tech startups and even international businesses that I consult for. TOS: What are some things that attracted you to working at The Office Space? SF: I love the idea of working within a community and having the exposure to many different industries. Within my line of work it is important to incorporate this cross pollination of ideas. TOS: Lastly, what is your favourite Surry Hills coffee haunt?  SF: Paramount Coffee Project makes amazing coffee! [email protected] www.ampersandfs.com  

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