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In Residence: A Cat’s Life

It’s no doubt that cats rule the internet, but they can also make a house a home. This month we catch up with our newest Virtual Office client, A Cat’s Life – a start up centred upon rehoming forgotten furry friends.

The Office Space: Where did the inspiration for ‘A Cat’s Life’ come from?

A Cat’s Life founder, Vicky Roy: A Cat’s Life is made up of 3 people (Vicky, Emma & Justina), who each have enormous compassion and lots of respect for animal welfare. We have each also volunteered at animal rescue organisations, one such organisation is where the stars were aligned and we found ourselves working together in different parts of the organisation and found we had similar views in life about animals and what or how we could help. So this is where the idea of focusing on cats and kittens was born!

TOS: What is your ultimate ambition for A Cat’s Life?

VR: Our ambition is to be a leading advocate for responsible pet ownership, whilst also decreasing the number of homeless cats in our communities as well as providing care and sanctuary for those we are unable to rehome where/if possible, by helping raise money for those amazing rescues already in place but under-funded. We would also ultimately like to raise enough funds to make a real difference. Watch this space for some fundraising events we may have in the coming future.

TOS: You obviously have a love for cats, how many do you have and where did your love of cats begin?

VR: Each of us have at least 1 rescue cat in our homes, with Emma being the champion of our group and having 2 cats, 2 dogs as well as recently fostering 3 rescue kittens in her home! Each of us have also been foster carers for many many cats, for example, no less than 9 cats or kittens have passed through Justina’s doors in the last 10-12 months, be it for 1 night, 3 months or a complete foster-fail permanent resident! Vicky adopted a street cat named Jazzy J (a complete foster-fail) and it has at times been quite testing trying to domesticate a 12 month old street cat, but she wouldn’t be without her now, the sneaky in bed cuddles took a lot of patience, but worth it in the end! We do think people are simply born with an affinity to certain animals, we have, as a group certainly felt cats need an extra helping hand in this world!

TOS: When looking to adopt a cat, what are some things future cat owners should know?

VR: First and foremost, adopt don’t shop! Approximately 200,000 healthy unwanted cats and dogs are euthanised each year in Australia. Making the decision to adopt a cat is a serious commitment; cats can live up to 20 years so it is also a very long-term commitment. They will be dependent on you to provide them with a balanced and nutritious diet every day, and to provide them with a safe and stable home environment where they are loved and cared for. Your cat will also be dependent on you to provide ongoing veterinary treatment and you should consider the financial cost of annual vet visits as well as usual weekly costs associated with pet ownership. Once you are confident and happy to accept these responsibilities, the time to choose your new best friend is now – there’s no time to waste, speak to your local animal rescue or head to your nearest pound immediately. Or talk to us! We know where it’s all at with furry new best friends! When adopting think about your life and household. What would suit better? Kitten vs Older cat? Older cats are bursting with their own brilliant personalities, most are already de-sexed and up-to-date with all their vaccinations, they do sometimes need a little more time to adjust to their surroundings, however, they always have a habit of surprising you with how much affection they will (eventually) give you, a little patience from you will do wonders! Older cats are usually quite independent and bar from a few initial nervous accidents are more than likely to be litter trained too. They are such loveable characters and give you lots of loyalty, their hard knock lives will only make you love them more! Anyone we know who has adopted an older cat has never regretted it. Older cats are usually more suited to households with older children and no other pets, unless the foster carer has specifically said they are good with smaller children and other pets. Kittens are simply a bundle of fun, they require a lot of supervision and play time. If you have the time to care, train and play with a kitten, these little cuties will grow into a loving and loyal adult cat. Just always remember kittens have phases just like human children. Cute, cuddly baby, inquisitive and playful child, moody explorative teenager and then happy contented adult. Always keep up to date with any vaccinations when they are kittens and always remember to de-sex your kitten. If you have small children always supervise their play together, as quite often children accidentally injure small kittens whilst also older kittens may scratch and bite children if handled in the wrong way.

TOS: And finally, A Cat’s Life is a really unique start up operation. What about The Office Space’s Virtual Office services appeals to you?

VR: Even though we are a small not-for-profit start-up and it is important for us to project a professional image and having a business address (albeit virtual) goes towards that image.   Want to find out how you can help? Email adoptacatslife@gmail.com.

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