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Guide: Neighbourhood Nirvana

Show yourself some TLC with these heart-pumping activities and mind-soothing pursuits in and around Surry Hills, Sydney.  With summer approaching and warm weather beckoning us outdoors, it’s easy to spend a day out indulging on Bourke Street Bakery croissants, or some of Sydney’s fried chicken (and bespoke sneakers) at Butter. Our neighbourhood is teeming with decadent eateries and bars and draws foodies from around the world. While the occasional indulgence can be appropriately rationalized as part of self-care, it’s important to balance out those carb-heavy moments and show yourself a different side of TLC with some heart-pumping activities and mind-soothing pursuits. Here, we’ve come up with 5 unique places for Sydneysiders to rejuvenate their body, soul, (and stomach). Humming Puppy The classic principles of breath, meditation, and awareness underpin the four classes offered at this Redfern yoga studio. The studio boasts of a literal “humming” effect, scientifically engineered with acoustic frequencies, which have been designed to match the natural frequency of the earth. What could be more grounding than that? Classes vary in style by teacher, who are encouraged to be themselves, and likewise are mindful of creating a comfortable space for their students. By providing mats and everything needed for practice, beginners and experienced yogis alike are free to come as they are, and are ensured a peaceful (though not unchallenging) practice. With a 4-week intro package of unlimited classes or a special 2-hour “immersive hum” class focused on holistic care and honouring yourself, you’re bound to find your center. Retrosweat Give your heart some love with a freestyle aerobic workout set to the ‘80s greatest hits. Inspired by VHS workout divas Jane Fonda, Denis Austin, Patti Sorenson, and Cher, founder Shannon Dooley has brought their iconic style of toning from your living room to the gym floor. The grapevines and deep squats will have you sweating litres while having fun and laughing all the way to that ‘summer bod’. If you don’t have your own set of high-legged leotards and neon tights, Retrosweats’ online store sells essential trackie tops and bodysuits, so you can look as fantastic as you’ll feel during this whole-body workout that’s all about letting go of your inhibitions. Pole Athletica If you’re tired of the gym and burnt out on typical workouts, pole classes may be just the thing to rejuvenate your fitness and motivate your personal expression. Pole Athletica boasts a diverse clientele and a strong community, suitable for both men and women and those of every fitness background. With over 30 different classes, workouts range from stretching, toning, and circuits-based, to choreographed dance classes. Of course, if you’ve always wanted to learn how to dance in heels or do the splits, there are classes just for that, too! Benefits include improved flexibility and strength, but also a sense of empowerment, confidence, and camaraderie within the studio. If you’ll just have the confidence to give it a go one time, they promise you’ll soon be coming back for another spin on the pole. Good Fat Instead of indulging in a Gelato Messina cone while strolling down Crown Street, for the month of November, treat yourself to some Good Fat. With 20 menu items under $26.12, this pop-up cafe will serve up loads of avo for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (and dessert!). On the menu are unique smoothies served in avo skin and the “avo cornetto” ice cream cone. The pop-up, located on 355 Crown St, is an initiative by Australian avocado farmers to encourage Australians to purchase more fruit (as if local millennials needed another reason to spend possible home loan savings on smashed avo toast). Catmosphere You may not consider yourself a cat lover, but we think there’s something inherently soothing about sipping coffee and stroking sweet felines. At galaxy-themed Catmosphere, customers can spend up to an hour with “castronauts” (adult cats) or thirty minutes with “cadets” (kittens) and enjoy a cat-shaped cookie with their coffee. While the local cafe boasts delicious hot drinks and treats for any visitor, reservations are required to cuddle with the kitties. For those needing some extra de-stressing, book a 45-minute yoga session followed by 15 minutes of kitten cuddling. You’re bound to be purr-fectly relaxed! Want more? Stay in touch and subscribe to our monthly newsletter here.

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