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Equip: Turn Your Business Expenses into Qantas Rewards

In April, Equip is thrilled to announce an exclusive offer from Qantas and their Business Rewards Program. Designed for Australian businesses, the program is a little like Frequent Flyer membership for individuals. Qantas’ Business Rewards Program works by offering points to businesses for things you’re already doing, from using a credit card, to buying office supplies, paying for business insurance, hiring staff, business travel, and much more. The Qantas Business Rewards program allows you to benefit from—

  • Qantas flight discounts exclusive to businesses (the more you fly, the more you save);
  • Additional Qantas Points for your business flights, on top of the usual Qantas Frequent Flyer benefits;
  • Qantas points and discounts from over 40 Qantas Business Rewards partners for your everyday business expenses;
  • 10% saving on Qantas Club memberships.

Just for you, we have arranged FREE membership for The Office Space clients and friends (usually valued at $89.50) for the month of April — allowing you to gain access to the full suite of offers and discounts involved with the points program. And you’ll be benefiting for years to come—it’s a life membership!

What: Free lifetime Qantas Business Rewards Membership Cost: FREE to TOS clients and friends during the month of April (usually $89.95) How: Follow this link   

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