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Equip: Physiocise

In 2014 The Office Space covered the sensational news that Sitting is the new smoking. Our gif of Don Draper smoking actually sent our website hits crazy with a record 5,000 visits in 24 hours. But there’s nothing sexy about a sore neck or aching back from sitting too long at your desk. To help prolong your life and enhance your work wellbeing this month, The Office Space will be offering tips and advice from leading Sydney-based physiotherapy practice Physiocise at it’s High Tea Social event on Friday 16th September. In addition, Physiocise will be offering 25% off the price for an initial consultation which examines your strength, alignment and postural issues (90-minutes) throughout the month of September, equipping you with correct breathing, sitting, standing and even walking techniques for long-term benefits. With clinics nearby within the Entertainment Quarter and at Willoughby, the Physiocise team have taught over 70,000 postural correction and core stability classes over two decades. Physiocise founder and celebrity physio Anna-Louise Bouvier also filmed part of her ABC Making Australia Happy series on Level 2 at Reservoir Street. The Offer: 25% off an initial one-on-one initial consultation at either Physiocise practice Contact: Willoughby Studio: 9958 2239 / Moore Spark Studio: 8356 9666 Code: call and quote “The Office Space Promotion” physiocise.com.au   Header Icon

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