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Hippocrates wrote “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Ancient wisdom, modern science, and every food, fitness and beauty influencer worth their social media following all agree, what we put in our body determines what it looks like inside and out. But what about what we put on our body? Especially on our lips? Modern lipsticks contain petrols, synthetics and heavy metal pigments – and what we don’t end up ingesting or kissing off is absorbed into our skin and bloodstream. Enter Cindy Lüken, and her rocketing beauty startup lük beautifoodCheck out her profile interview. After ten years building biscuit empire Luken and May, and another ten years out to start a family, Cindy is back in the kitchen again – mixing her lifelong philosophy of healthy eating, her qualifications in food science, and her nose for smelling a great business proposition – to create a range of lipsticks made from foods not chemicals. 100% natural, toxin-free lipstick made from food.  No synthetic dyes. No artificial flavours. No synthetic fragrances. No parabens. No phthalates. No mineral or nut oils. No synthetic emollients or silicone or lanolin. Just clean food, pure plant oils, mineral pigments and food active ingredients.  Think avocado, sesame oils and cacao butter to deeply nourish.  Beeswax and lecithin to lock in moisture.  Ginger and spices rich in anti-inflammatories.  And citrus rich in antioxidant Vitamin C to neutralise free radicals. And with names like “Vanilla Chocolate Lip Nourish” and “Tangerine Pomegranate Lip Nourish you can be sure they taste as good as they look and feel.  And at only $24.95 including shipping and handling, you never need visit the David Jones counter again. As a special treat for The Office Space clients and friends, lük beautifood is offering a Buy Two Get One Free deal – Buy 3 lipsticks for just $49.90 with free shipping and handling.  Just choose your three shades and enter the code TOS342 at the checkout. And check out Luk Beautifood’s The Beauty Kitchen blog for the latest in health, beauty and wellbeing inspiration.

Details: Buy two lük beautifood 100% natural, toxin free, food active lipsticks (RRP $24.95 each) and receive one extra lipstick free of charge. Cost: 3 lipsticks for $49.90 (free shipping and handling) Go to: lukbeautifood.com (enter code TOS342 at the checkout) EXTENDED FOR APRIL!

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