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Splash out and get your Christmas shopping done with a click! Our Virtual residents, Tuyen Nguyen and Michael Lim, founders of Her Swimwear, are partnering with us for Equip to offer a timely discount on their classic swimsuit range for women – an ideal Christmas gift idea for partners and family or an early present for yourselves ladies! Designed in Australia with tailored precision utilising the highest quality European fabric that lasts beyond one season (read: chlorine-resistant lycra that offers 50+ UV protection), the one and two-piece swimsuits fit like a glove. It’s no wonder The New York Times Style Magazine and Vogue Australia amongst other respected publications have featured their maillots. When it comes to swimwear, finding a cut to suit your body shape is the best and longest lasting style choice you can make. The offer: 15% off all online ranges Period: offer valid until 31 Dec, 2016 How to purchase: simply add ‘office15’ in the discount code box at checkout Her. 

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