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Equip by The Office Space – Titan Digital

Introducing Equip by The Office Space – where we share business world skills, tools and tips. As a part of this program, we’ll be partnering with businesses both within The Office Space community and big businesses further afield. Residents of The Office Space will further benefit from exclusive discounts and special offers, courtesy of these business partnerships and alliances. This month we have partnered with Titan Digital, one of Australia’s leading digital marketing and web development companies, and resident at Reservoir by The Office Space. Titan was recently appointed to be a Google Adwords Premier SME Partner. Only a few companies are appointed nationally. To celebrate (and to explain just how your business can benefit) Titan will be hosting an informative seminar at Google Sydney HQ on November 9th from 5.30 PM, with complimentary drinks and canapes. Google will be sharing the latest trends in how consumers are using the internet for research, purchases and also delivering best practices on how your business can capitalise on these trends. Titan will explain it all in a language you understand and will de-mystify the web whilst demonstrating world’s best practice on gaining the best ROI that will outstrip your expectations. THE SPECIAL OFFER All attendees to the event will receive an obligation free, tailored digital strategy and a fresh new website concept design valued at $835* Titan & Google Presentation November 9, 5.30pm Google HQ Level 5, 48 Pirrama Road Pyrmont titandigital.com.au *Gift for customers who sign up on the night

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