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Equip by The Office Space – Dream & Do

Our Equip by The Office Space program is where we share business world skills, tools and tips. As a part of this program, we’ll be partnering with businesses both within The Office Space community and big businesses further afield. Residents of The Office Space will further benefit from exclusive discounts and special offers, courtesy of these business partnerships and alliances.

For February, we have partnered with Dream & Do – a creative agency based in Sydney, specialising in branding, graphic design and creative content for start-ups, business visionaries and dreamers everywhere. They champion the age of the entrepreneur; you dream, let’s do.

Founder and Creative Director, Tara Shelton, Dream & Do is offering residents of The Office Space an exclusive 50% discount on a one on one Creative Brand Workshop.

Need to get your creative juices flowing?

Have you been in business for a while and lost track of your purpose and values?

Do you need a fresh way to engage with your customers?

Do you even have a brand?

This three-hour workshop will have you feeling re-energised and inspired. Tara will work with you to give your brand a health check, discover your purpose and values, unearth the emotions of your customer and give you some great ideas that you can implement to smash your 2016 business goals. You will also get a hard copy of their beautifully designed book “42 Tips Beyond Branding & Design to get your Business Started.”


A creative branding workshop, usually valued at $780+GST, at an exclusive price for residents of The Office Space of just $390+GST.

Book online here with 50% OFF VOUCHER CODE, ‘officespace’.

You can also download a free copy of the Dream & Do E-Book, 42 Tips Beyond Branding and Design to get your Business Started. Download here.


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