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October: Cocooning

“…They prudently are spinning their cocoon
And anchoring it to an earth and moon…”
Extract from The Cocoon, by four-times Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Robert Frost

Rest, retreat, solace, safety.  From nature’s inspiration arises the verb cocooning, which is to envelop in a protective or comforting way.  Whether we go under protest or with a sense of relief, the events of 2020 have thrust us into our own cocooned existences featuring yoga pants, working from home, Uber Eats and layers of soft home furnishings.

But just like the metaphor of the butterfly, we must wonder at the metamorphosis that awaits us on the other side of Covid-19.  It is the struggle of spinning its chrysalis, lying in wait and then wrestling free of the cocoon that elevates an everyday caterpillar to an airborne creature of beauty.

Our October theme looks more closely at the Cocooning trend as we explore how to use this time to rest and also prepare for a spectacular re-emergence.

In THOUGHT, Georgina Safe explores the triggers and contributors to the current cocooning epidemic – medical, political, meteorological, environmental and psychological – and the response from the fashion, home, food and business sectors. “Brands and businesses that can provide sanctuary in an unsafe world will thrive,” asserts trend forecaster Faith Popcorn.

Siena White’s CASE reveals the shocking domestic violence statistics that underline the Shadow Pandemic and its devastating impact on women and girls around the world. For 1 in 10 Australian women and their sisters around the globe, home is not a safe haven and the COVID-19 induced restrictions, social isolation and financial stressors have exacerbated already unsafe situations for many.

PROFILE features meditation maestro Jacqui Lewis from The Broad Place. Sure, she is highly evolved but thankfully she is equally as approachable and relatable.  Jacqui has swapped her Byron Bay base for Sydney this month and we recommend you consider her October day retreat.

In GUIDE, Naomi Tosic considers some fine ways to elevate the comfort and style of your own cocoon so you will be snug as a bug in a rug until it’s safe to come out into the world. 

Claudia Osborne’s SPOTLIGHT shares the line-up of live entertainment set to attract social butterflies back to local venues this month.

And in PULSE, Claudia maps the apps and guides designed to help you find a quieter state of mind.

Finally, INSIGHT is taking its cue from our October theme… So we invite you to cocoon at home and perhaps peruse our back catalogue of past topics and events. Last month’s Positive Pedagogy was A+, August’s Igniting Change is the perfect motivational tool, and July’s Art and the Heart makes for a soul-nourishing night in.


Illustrations by Niki Fisher 

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