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Broadbean – Company Profile

Tell us a little about your business and what you do?

Broadbean is the global leader in providing sophisticated yet easy-to-use software making it easy to distribute job posting to multiple job boards and social media channels, as well as searching for talent online.  We also provide tools that optimize the recruitment process and integrate internal systems, like Applicant Tracking Systems and Customer Relationship Management software.  Our analytics and metrics give insight on your most successful channels to increase effectiveness, ultimately lowering the cost of your online recruitment spend. Broadbean helps 33,000 users, ranging from one-man staffing agencies to international corporations recruit people online.  Put simply: we make recruiting people online quick, easy, and economical.   We launched our Australia Operations in October of 2010 and have experienced substantial growth. We look forward to 2012 for continued expansion and evolution of our offering for the recruitment industry.

Where is your business heading in the future?

Broadbean’s core competency is technology.  Understanding that technology is constantly undergoing a revolution, we stand perched and ready to tackle any new tech advances that come our way.  Building a happy team here is Sydney is imperative, as our client offering is not only web-based software by also unmatched customer service.  Our clients have come to expect the best and we won’t fail on delivery.

Can you share any inspiring anecdotes about how the business got started?

Kelly Robinson, our Founder and Chief Executive, worked for over ten years in the UK recruitment industry as a recruiter and managing other recruiters.  He is a recruiter with a techie twist and wanted his recruiters to spend more time engaging with job candidates and applicants, as well as networking and building relationships with their clients.  Posting jobs to seven different job boards took too much time, so he came up an idea to “post the world’s jobs” from one interface.  The technology made perfect sense for recruiters and “Firebean” was waiting to be launched.  When Kelly’s wife heard that Kelly wanted to call his new tech company Firebean, she interceded and declared, “You can’t call it Firebean – why not call it Broadbean?”  With the potential for global capabilities and our far reach, the Broadbean name made perfect sense.

What is your number one tip for small business success?

When your business is small, it is very important to network with the right people.  Learning how to develop partnerships and build mutually beneficial business relationships has been key to Broadbean’s growth.  Additionally, identifying a target market to serve and a focused product is crucial to long-term success.  Quick growth and sales do not guarantee longevity in any business and can sometimes be detrimental.  Strong business and partner relationships, as well as good product(s) and quality service can most certainly pave the way to continued opportunities.

What do you love about Surry Hills?

At Broadbean, we love Single Origins, the guy with crutches who Joel claims is his uncle Jeffery, $3 Taco Tuesdays at the Norfolk, and Roof Deck Fridays.

Where is your best spot for lunch and why? (you can give a team response)

City Edge Sandwiches-it is fast and good if you hit it at the right time.

How did you come to run your business from Office 2010?

It was a referral from an old 2010 client, Jay Munro. I met with him through our partnership with MyCareer and we started talking, the next day I call and chatted with Angela. It was a connection at first conversation.

What’s the best thing about working from Office 2010? (Is it the location? The Infrastructure?)

It’s the casual, fun, friendly environment. And Naomi’s Fresh Fruit Yummy cake. We have full conversations about the cake. Cake for ALL!

What is one thing (serious or fantastic) that would improve your daily experience at Office2010?

Faster internet connection; It is currently getting resolved but has been the daily topic on Level 5.

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