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THEME: Ignition!

Illustration Niki Fisher

Sometimes all it takes is a spark. Fuelled by a burning vision and perfect conditions, an idea takes flight. Other times, like rubbing two sticks together, it requires patience, persistence and elbow grease to nurture a tiny flame into life. Or, like many strikes of flint on rock, there may be multiple failures and false steps before the fire takes hold.

Whatever the situation, this month we look at Ignition. That magical point where purpose meets productivity and rhetoric moves to response.

In THOUGHT, Georgina Safe speaks with insiders to see how challenges can drive us to find new and better ways of doing business.

Siena White’s CASE takes a birds-eye view of a particular movement – women’s rights – and its long road to realisation.

PROFILE features successful media and business executive, Marina Go, who well and truly lives up to her name.

In GUIDE, Lisa Green takes a whip around our suburb and showcases four businesses using creativity to push forward with new ideas during covid.

Claudia Osborne’s SPOTLIGHT shares some great sources of inspiration for that extra kick when looking to launch, and her PULSE article encourages you to ‘put your money where your mouth is’ and make good on do-good aspirations.

Finally, INSIGHT is via livestream this month as our three inspiring change-makers are based in Victoria. We are delighted to be speaking with Jane Tewson from Igniting Change, Radek Sali, former SWISSE CEO and Founder of Light Warrior, and Mary Muirhead from Learning for Life.

Ready, Set, Go!

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