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The Office Space Rooftop Yoga

In 2014 The Office Space is pleased to announce the beginning of our Rooftop Yoga program. We have partnered with Natalie Stanley of Zen in the City who has over 10 years experience practicing and teaching yoga. By bringing the 5000 year old practice of yoga into the workplace, Natalie foresees the following benefits for you:

  • Detoxifying and improving your immune system.
  • A relaxed, happy and contented mind for better working relationships
  • Increased productivity and a high performance mind
  • Reduced common ‘desk job’ ailments
  • General well-being and of course a tighter, more flexible body

Our 1 hour morning classes will be a mixture of both meditation and yoga: usually Hatha and flow Vinyasa based, including Yin, meditation and breathing techniques to balance the body and mind. Classes will cater to all skills, beginner to advanced. All classes are based on the same approach, taking you in and out of postures safely, using the breath for its many purposes whilst balancing the body and mind to enhance all you do in life. The Office Space Rooftop Yoga Tuesdays 7.15AM  – 8.15AM 12 week semester beginning Tuesday 4 February 2014. To register your interest or for more information please email [email protected]

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