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The Office Space Guide to Vivid Ideas 2014

Vivid Ideas is hosted as a part of Sydney’s annual Vivid Festival – making up the creative ideas exchange component of the 18-day event, which also includes artistic installations and projections with Vivid Light, and a score of music based events with Vivid Live. The Office Space participated last year with our Collaborative Future panel – and here we’ll share our pick of the best thoughts, ideas and events showing at this year’s festival.

1. Sara Critchfield: On Media, Marketing and Making People Care. Learn how the Editorial Director of Upworthy, Sara Critchfield, delivers meaningful content that engages, inspires, challenges – and reaches millions. Content is still king, but targeted, tested content will rule the future of the media and marketing worlds. Upworthy are firm believers that you value what you measure – and so have trained their focus on audience minutes, as well as shares, over likes and other metrics.

2. Skylar Tibbits: On Shaping Future Manufacturing. Imagine the future of manufacturing with Skylar Tibbits, global leader of the 4D printing movement. Tibbits is designing the next generation of smart products; self-assembling, responsive and repairing products that will transform cities, manufacturing, and businesses as we now know them. In the future, Tibbits says, our static objects will respond to what we need, adapt to our conditions, and help us perform better.

3. Making Places that Matter – Place Branding, Place Making. Placemaking re-imagines and transforms public spaces, while place branding can capture and communicate the character of a place, and the shared identity of a community. Innovative approaches for promoting place identity can also include; staging major events, cultural programming, thoughtful urban design and public art, community cultural development, and much more.

4. How to Make it by Smith Journal. When building robots, making furniture or publishing books, these thinkers have used technology to craft businesses that change the way we experience the world – from our living rooms to our cities.

5. A Cheat’s Guide to Getting that Thing off the Ground. Four successful Australian self-starters, working across a range of creative industries, will talk the audience through the things they wish they’d known before they got started. Speakers include: Nahji Chu – aka Miss Chu, Craig Reucassel – one of the founding members of The Chaser and Anna Rose – founder of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition in 2006 and the national manager of Earth Hour Australia. For the full program of events and more information, head to the Vivid Sydney website.

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