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TABLE: The Reservoir

Winter isn’t coming, it’s here! And with it, so too are those all too familiar cravings for something hearty and warm. If you’ve not tried the authentic Greek style yeeros from The Reservoir, this incarnation of Table by The Office Space is your opportunity! Just like our office of the same name, Mario and Katrine Sarris are fiercely proud of The Reservoir, a restaurant serving authentic modern Greek fare in the heart of Sydney’s most sophisticated dining district.

Originally offering a sophisticated Australian menu, The Office Space Director Boris Tosic famously demanded Mario “cut the fancy crap” and cook him something his Greek mum would be proud of.  Enter Mario’s Greek salad and gyros. The pita is sourced from an artisan Greek baker (Golden Top) who excels in a thick thick, fluffy, flat bread that redefines this dish.  You can choose the traditional chicken, lamb or vege and haloumi, or branch out to pulled pork and even soft shell crab.  All come with fries, onion and tzatziki wrapped up in a pita parcel that will have you longing for Santorini.

Just like the monster Malibu sandwiches wrapped in foil, Mario’s gyros have become a cult favourite for those in the know – and he typically sells over 150 a day. On Friday 3 June at 12.30PM we’re serving up a communal lunch at Reservoir on Level 6 and an ‘at your desk’ plated lunch service at our Paramount office. Office residents, please RSVP with your choice of either a lamb or haloumi yeeros to [email protected], by 10AM on Friday morning.

What: Table by The Office Space
When: 12.30PM, 3 June
Where: The Office Space branches: Reservoir and Paramount
Cost: $11

Both images: Broadsheet

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