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Table: Great Aunty Three

This month we’ve teed-up with local Vietnamese eatery Great Aunty Three to give you cold vermicelli noodle salads for our last Table of the year. We guarantee a refreshing crunch, tender succulence and a fresh herb zing with every mouthful no matter what combo you choose from. We’re offering: Roast pork noodle salad with slithers of pork and crackle (the bubbled mouth explosion kind achieved after 12 hours of slow roasting) and traditional tangy fish sauce dressing; Fragrant grilled lemongrass chicken noodle salad with lettuce, carrot, cucumber, bean sprouts, perilla leaves and mint plus roasted peanuts and fried shallots with fish sauce sauce dressing; Vegetarian noodle salad with silken tofu, watercress, green apple, tomato, and special vegan sauce Located on Wentworth Avenue, Great Aunty is a quick walk from both our office locations. Open for lunch weekdays, it’s also serves freshly made rice paper rolls, crunchy baguettes filled with hearty fillings, pho noodle soups plus Vietnamese-style iced coffee and fruit frappes. FREE to all residents who have not joined us at Table before – our shout! When: 12.30pm Friday 2 December Where: Level 6 Boardroom and Paramount kitchen Cost: $12 for each option We’ll take orders on Friday morning, 2 December greatauntythree.com

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