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Special Event: Upgrade Your Life

The Office Space is delighted to be supporting 2017 Insight guest Sam Makhoul as his A Higher Branch Success Academy hosts their inaugural “Upgrade Your Life” event in Sydney on the 18-20th January 2019. A Higher Branch Success Academy has its origins in the book of the same name where Sam set out his framework of 8 pillars for successful living.  Using these eight areas of life as the roadmap to life he has devised a five-step method for conscious living as the guide to growing in each of them. Hear from a line-up of ten leading global experts across eighteen sessions, on how to upgrade the eight areas of your life. Enjoy memorable parties by night and mingle with an exclusive community of like-minded people. Stand out speakers and sessions include:

  • Dr Guy Winch PHD on How to boost your emotional immune system
  • Anthia Koullouros on The microbiome – how to use food as medicine to control your emotions
  • Dr Fred Grosse on Your freedom – how to define, grow and protect your wealth
  • Alessandra Edwards on Energy levels – how to unlock your genetic potential for unstoppable energy
  • Mark Bunn on  Performance – the daily habits of high achievers
  • Meredith Gaston on How to find gratitude through giving – the attitude of gratitude

See full program here   You will leave with newfound clarity and a personalised and powerful life plan for 2019 across the following eight areas.   Book Now

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