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Marketing Management Partners – Company Profile

Tell us a little about your business and what you do?

Marketing Management Partners director, Anne Guethoff: Marketing Management Partners is a marketing consultancy – but a little different: Damien and I created MMP to provide businesses that may not have sufficient or suitable marketing resources in-house with strategy AND execution services. You could call us your ‘outsourced marketing manager.’ We work with medium size businesses, mainly in the B2B space, analyse their business, recommend a strategy and implement the key initiatives. We are different because we close the gap between strategic thinking and making things happen. This also leads to a fair bit of work in marketing and sales integration. We are both from a corporate background and we now love working in and on MMP: new challenges, environments and people, 24/7.

Where is your business headed in the future?

AG: We’ve learnt a heap during our first year and we are now entering a phase of adding resources as we grow. Exciting times!

Can you share any inspiring anecdotes about how your business got started?

AG: Once upon a time, I used to be a customer of Damien and he drove me up the wall during our first conversations. He was just so the opposite of me. Turns out that this was the best base for our business partnership and friendship. We share the same values but have very different strengths and ways to deal with issues.

What do you love about Surry Hills?

AG: Compared to the CBD, people don’t walk around with the typical ‘I hate work’ look on their face. Plenty of self-starters, inspiring and inspired individuals. Plus, the top spots for Friday nights are just a short stroll away.

Where is your favourite Surry Hills lunch spot and why?

AG: For an everyday kind of lunch it’s TASTE on Foveaux street. It’s beautiful Vietnamese food and they have a lovely courtyard.

How did you come to be running your business from Office 2010?

AG: We are in a growth period, so it’s great to have the option to grow within the same office plus it’s close to most clients. We are in and out of the office a lot but it’s nice to have a base. I know Damien can’t wait to move in permanently…

What’s the best thing about working from Office 2010?

AG: I am very much enjoying meeting people from all sorts of backgrounds, working in the most different fields. There is not a day in the office where you don’t learn about something new. Nice if you are interested in looking beyond your own little work horizon. Website Facebook

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