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Insight Recap: Philanthropy Now

Each month we explore a topic that is relevant to the rapidly evolving world of work, innovation, arts or culture.  This month’s topic ticks all those boxes as we look at the key tenets of philanthropy in Australia today.  The rigours of business and the advances of technology have delivered a new, more sophisticated model of philanthropy – encouraging greater accountability, measuring outcomes, and ultimately increasing impact.

The art of giving is what our nation have been built upon – there would be no Parkes Telescope, the Miles Franklin Literary Award, Cochlear Implants, the extension of the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Walkley Awards – and also the future Sydney Modern, if it weren’t for the generosity of individuals, families and foundations.

More than 100 years ago, Andrew Carnegie, the Scottish-American industrialist, business magnate and philanthropist, remarked that “it is more difficult to give money away intelligently than to earn it in the first place.”

To shed some light on the difficulty and the business of giving, we spoke with three intelligent givers who each speak to a different component of the philanthropic and not for profit world:

Clare Ainsworth Herschell believes true philanthropy comes in a variety of currencies. She was inaugural Next Gen Development Manager at the Art Gallery of NSW for 4 years, and is Clare now putting her full energies to combatting climate change with initiatives such as an annual trip to the Heron Island research station with Professor Tim Flannery and other change-makers across multiple industries.

Hamish Balnaves believes medicine, the arts and education are the three fundamental pillars for bettering society.  He is the CEO of the Balnaves Foundation and his degree in Economics from Sydney University and his 10-year career as a teacher has put him in good stead to make strategic and informed decisions as the foundation disperses over $3 million annually to not-for-profit organisations that aim to create a better Australia

Jane Jose believes every woman, man and child in our city should have the opportunity to thrive.  As CEO of the Sydney Community Foundation.  She brings decades of experience in working with the design professions, government leaders and corporate Australia to her philanthropy work at the Sydney Community Foundation.

You can find the full video here:

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