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Insight: 2018 Recap

Missed an Insight event this year? Catch up with a summary of our 2018 program.

February: The Future of the Workplace

We are living in an age of unprecedented disruption, with technology rewriting howwe work, whowe work with, and wherewe work. Inextricably linked with the hotbed topic of ‘The Future of Work’, is ‘The Future of the Workplace’.  No longer bound by 9-5 work days, or a battery of office cubicles, today’s emerging workplaces are an exciting combination of efficiency, positive culture, and creativity. In February The Office Space re-commenced its popular Insight program by exploring The Future of the Workplace, and how technology, design and sociology are all converging to create new iterations of the workplace with an expert panel of workplace innovators:

  • Angela Ferguson, Managing Director of Futurespace,
  • Stuart Munro, Change Director at Montlaur, and
  • James Dellow, Director at Digital Workplace Company.

March: Women in Business 

The 21st century has been coined “the female century” . For the first time in history, we see the balance of power significantly shifting. Never in history have women been closer to true equality in both public and private life. There has been so much important conversation around women, by both men and women, especially with the Trump marches of last year and this year’s #timesup and #metoo movements. This year Insight explored how the rules are changing for working women, and the impact on family, economy, and society with an extraordinary Insight panel:

  • Monica Barone, CEO of the City of Sydney;
  • Kristy Chong, fash-tech entrepreneur and Founder of Modibodi; and
  • Barry Mowszowski, strategist and 2018 host of The Future Laboratory’s Female Futures Forum.

April: Communicating with Cut Through 

In today’s highly-competitive, omni-channel, rapidly-evolving marketplace, how do you stand out from the crowd?  To survive and thrive, brands must find new ways to cut through the noise to connect with their audiences. In April, Insight has gathered three gurus across marketing, communications, and strategic design to reveal the critical components for defining your message, engaging your tribe, remaining relevant, and connecting across multiple touch points.

May: The Film Business 

Each year our Insight program focuses in on the Film industry, both a reflection of our love for all things cinema but as a nod to the proud history of the Paramount House building within which we reside. This month we are thrilled to introduce our Insight cast as an Actor, a Director, and a Producer take the stage to discuss their individual career arc as well as the broader Australian film industry. We will also be focusing on the changing nature of film – as we embrace diversity, shame lecherous producers, and deal with important themes and stories.

  • Brooke Satchwell, Actor (Neighbours, Water Rats, Packed To The Rafters, and Wonderland)
  • Ben Briand, Director: (Apricot, Hammer Bay, Blood Pulls a Gun)
  • Bridget Ikin, Producer:(An Angel at My Table, Look Both Ways, Sherpa)

June: Design Duos  

Creative pairings can be dynamic and diabolical. Some duos will marry up mismatched skillsets to create a greater whole, others will spur each other on and create regular competition and inspiration for one half to work harder than the next. This month, we’re exploring creative compatibility: the synergy and syncopation of different beats, working together, striking a balance, and collaborating with extraordinary results. Our panel unlocked the power of two with a double up of Australia’s most creative sibling design pairings:

  • Moffitt. – Led by identical twin brothers Mark and Andrew Moffitt, creative studio
  • Ginger & Smart– the brainchild of sisters Alexandra and Genevieve Smart

July: Financial Intelligence

Love it or loath it, money makes the world go round.  From household budgets to the company profit and loss balancing act, the bottom line is the final word in our personal and professional success. Insight returned in July to kick off the New Financial Year with a look at financial intelligence.  With a panel of money experts, we looked at how wise people invest, approach budgeting, and think about money:

  • Effie Zahos: Editor of Money Magazine, author of The Great $20 Adventure, and regular TV and radio finance commentator;
  • Paul Ahearne: Managing partner of Locumsgroup Asset Management with specialisation in tax planning, business structures wealth creation;
  • Duncan Lim: Head Trader at Wizard Trading Strategies, specialising in inter-market relationships and behavioural finance

August: Social Strategies 

To be successful, it is now almost mandatory for a business to not just participate in social media, but to have a sophisticated and strategic approach.  Social media marketing allows businesses to increase awareness, drive sales leads, retain customers and nurture a loyalty consumer base, and communicate directly with customers. In August we brought together an Influencer, an online editor, and a digital marketing lecturer to help us harness the power of social media for our businesses:

  • Sammy Preston:Newly-minted editor of The Urban List, previously Foxtel Lifestyle Channel online editor;
  • Tom Willis:Chief Marketing Officer at LawPath, and Head Lecturer in Digital Marketing at General Assembly;
  • Louise Edmonds: Fashion Writer (SMH), Founder of MenStylePower, and TV Producer for Hillsong Channel.

September: Fluid Cities 

This month, in conjunction with Right Angle Studioand as part of the Sydney Architecture Festival, Insight considered the role of architects and an army of data scientists, placemakers, urban planners, sustainability experts and policy makers to keep our cities connected, considered, and liveable. Helping us to understand the role of design, planning and good policy in managing the ebbs and flows of a city in flux are our panel guests:

  • Philip Vivian, Director, Bates Smart;
  • Kim Crestani, Director, Order Architects/City Architect, Parramatta City Council;
  • Bruce Taper, Director, Kinesis


October: Climate Changemakers

Despite our wealth of natural and economic resources, Australia’s overall response to climate change is appalling.  The Climate Change PerformanceIndexhas ranked us 57 out of 60 countries, and rated China’s climate efforts as higher than Australia’s. Thankfully, large-scale corporate initiatives, standout sustainability ambassadors, and a groundswell of grass roots activists are embracing transformation and taking up the cause. This month Insight featured three outstanding sustainability crusaders making waves for a better future:

  • Ronni Kahn– CEO and Founder of Ozharvest;
  • Rod Simpson– Inaugural Environment Commissioner of the Greater Sydney Commission;
  • Clare Press – Vogue’s sustainability editor, sustainable fashion crusader, author and podcaster.


November: Generation Nation

For the first time in history, five generations will soon be working side by side. Each group has its own distinct characteristics, values, and attitudes toward work, which create both challenges and opportunities. This November The Office Space looked at the Multigenerational Workplace, inviting a Millennial, a Gen’Xer and a Pre-Baby Boomer (who is also a generational expert) to take the stage and discuss how they see the world and how they interact within the workplace:

  • Danling Xiao (Millennial): Chinese-born Australian artist, designer, social entrepreneur, sustainability advocate and founder of Mundane Matters;
  • Will Alexander (Gen X): co-founder and executive producer of creative agency and post production house Heckler;
  • Hugh Mackay AO (Pre-Baby Boomer): one of the country’s most esteemed social researchers, generational expert, psychologist, author and journalist, and former teacher


Insight 2019 Program: 

Insight returns in 2019 to bring you more successful and inspiring entrepreneurs or business mavericks, and more great themes spanning commerce, design, art and technology.Thank you for your support of our program. Full proceeds from the event go directly to the Sydney Community Foundation to support the Business Incubator program run by award-winning community leader Pat Hall. Together we have put 30 woman through the program this year. One for every Insight event we host.

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