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In Residence: Rockstar

The Office Space: Tell us a little about Rockstar?

Rockstar Strategic Director, Kim Carter: Rockstar is a brand activation agency. We work with clients to bring to life their brands via sponsorship, events, trade shows and create integrated and bespoke programs to support these ventures. We specialise in aspirational targets – mainly 18-24 YO focus. We have a well-rounded client list, some of which have been with us since the start of the business. Many are long termers (4 years +). Clients include Beam Suntory, Sony Computer Entertainment, Parmalat, Stuart Alexander, Roadshow Entertainment and Merisant. All of our work in the last 2 years has been by referral.

TOS: How has your business grown since inception?

KC: The business was established in 2001, when I (one of three current directors) left Planet X and the free sport world. When we first started out, we specialised in bringing cool associations to brands, chasing them across music, free sport and culture. So, linking up adidas with hip hop and breakdancing, graffiti and MCs with alcohol brands etc. We still have these connections and implement them when warranted, but the business now has lots of clients that wouldn’t have suited us when we first started.

TOS: What stage was your business at when you started with The Office Space (TOS)?

KC: Well developed, but due for change. We have been with TOS for about 3 years. We used to pay about $100k a year in rent. We sat back and looked at how much time clients spent at our digs, versus us going to theirs, and realised we didn’t need a ‘show office’ anymore, we needed a huge storage shed and a place for us to meet infrequently. We also wanted to chase the lifestyle opportunity of working from home. All of us. Who wants to sit in traffic for 2 hours a day?

TOS: Why does a Virtual Office solution suit Rockstar?

KC: We wanted to retain a Surry Hills address and I knew a friend using The Office Space. It suited our business profile and felt like the right environment. Our business needs to retain a sense of polish but it doesn’t need someone sitting in a reception role full time like a traffic island. Being at TOS has allowed us to save a bundle in overheads and create a better sense of security for us as a small business. We don’t have client meetings at the TOS facilities often, but we are all there a couple of times a month for our Team WIP. I’m sure everyone has heard a gaggle of alpha chicks, laughing and screeching at the top of their lungs at some point. (sorry about the noise, it’s probably best we aren’t full time at TOS).

TOS: What is the secret to your success?

KC: The Rockstar chicks are all pretty driven, smart and hard working. Our team is the secret to our success. There are 6 of us managing multiple blue-chip clients at one time. We are a small team with great chemistry. We care about each other’s welfare and make sure that everyone is able to put family before business. When you get this right I think you find success. www.rockstar.net.au

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