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In Residence – Black Moon Alchemy

The Office Space In Residence: Black Moon Alchemy Black Moon Alchemy was founded by Marcus Price and Tim Fairall in February 2013. The company is based in both Sydney and Canberra, with Price leading the Sydney team and Fairall the Canberra headquarters. Black Moon Alchemy is ultimately an advertising agency that focuses on digital solutions. Black Moon Alchemy specialises in digital advertising, but is a full service agency working to produce websites, apps, print advertisements, eNewsletters, brand assets, and advertisements for television and radio. The company name is inspired by the process of alchemy – turning base metals into gold. A simple metaphor for the effect of Black Moon’s truly transformative work. What sets Black Moon Alchemy apart is the element of trusted consultancy. They don’t just give a company advice, but integrate with their clients and into their business as well. There are currently 6 members of the Black Moon Alchemy team and past projects have included a commercial with Glen McGrath for Ranbuild, as well as the Ranbuild Shed Builder app, allowing users to create a 3D version of their shed to send to Ranbuild for quoting. Black Moon Alchemy like The Office Space for its high speed fibre optic internet, the Surry Hills location, and the helpful and friendly staff. blackmoonalchemy.com.au

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