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Health: Rooftop Meditation

Opened earlier this year to great anticipation, the Paramount Rec Club is the final piece in the reimagining of the magnificent Paramount House building. Boasting a beautiful, light-filled pavilion with work-out equipment that is so well designed it almost looks friendly, the Paramount Rec Club is a breath of fresh air in an industry that so often takes the hard and fast aproach to fitness.  Skilled, smiling, and impossibly sculptured fitness coaches will guide you through an exercise session that carefully balances strength, flexibility, cardio and core, with a constant emphasis on technique over bravado.  The ability to work in small groups creates a sense of camaraderie and, dare we say, fun, that keeps a positive momentum throughout the class. There is a special 2 week trial membership on offer at the moment – $55 for a fortnight of unlimited classes.  You can work your way through the classes  – from yoga and conditioning though to strength and boxing – to find what best suits your fitness profile and personality. Further proving that holistic health is at it’s core, the Rec Club is hosting its inaugural Mental As Anything festival from 1st – 7th September.  Through a series of workshops, talks, meditations, classes and other special events, this festival moves beyond the physical to explore the higher plain of mental health and the deeper channels of emotional wellbeing. A schedule of their events are listed here. In the lead up to this festival, and as a perfect preventative measure to centre you before jumping into the work day, the Rec Club are offering 8am-8:20am meditation classes, Monday – Friday in the yoga studio.  This month it is FREE for all Office Space clients and you can register your interest at reception or directly with the Rec Club team. We encourage you to make the most of this and see how much more effective you can be during the day with the right start.  Speaking of which, you can grab a healthy breakfast at the Rec Club Kiosk too. Namaste ~

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