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Within a fast-paced and highly competitive global marketplace, brands must work hard to engage through imagination, emotion and experience. Led by identical twins Mark and Andrew Moffitt, their eponymous brand agency Moffitt.Moffitt harnesses the duality of creativity and intuition to breath new life into their client brands.

With a kinship spanning over 30 years, Andrew and Mark represent a perfectly balanced creative coupling that presents a single entity more agile, intimate and tailored than that of traditional communications agencies. Join us tonight to learn how the strength of their partnership enables Moffitt.Moffitt to offer deeper levels of service, greater value, and world-class work.

Our Design Duo’s panel will also feature sisters Alexandra and Genevieve Smart who’s strong creative partnership has enabled their fashion and lifestyle brand Ginger & Smart to flourish for over 16 years in an industry not renowned for longevity.

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