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Felicity Menzies

“Diversity is being asked to the party: inclusion is being asked to contribute to the playlist.”  
Nicole Aebi-Moyo, Salesfix

Felicity Menzies is an authority on cultural intelligence, diversity and inclusion in the corporate environment. As the Head of Private Bank, Westpac, in Singapore, Felicity led a culturally diverse team of bankers serving a multinational client base. This experience spurred her to complete a second degree in psychology and study the interplay between culture and leadership.

In her book “A World of Difference” (Major Street Publishing, 2016) Felicity reveals how cultural intelligence (CQ) will emerge as an increasingly powerful driver of performance and profits.  As founder and principal consultant at Culture Plus Consulting, Felicity now coaches leading organisations in inclusive leadership, mindful inclusion, and optimising social and economic outcomes through culturally diverse talent.

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