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Cindy Luken

Cindy Luken is a serial entrepreneur.  25 years ago she launched Luken and May biscuits (and those incredible butterburst stars!) and grew it to a household brand before Byron Bay Biscuit Company acquired the brand in 2003.  After a sojourn in France with her young family, Cindy was itching to start another business but took her time to find what was going to optimise her skills as a food scientist and chef, and maximise her chance of commercial success, and align with her healthy living philosophy.  She settled on lipsticks made from food and lük Beautifood was born.

An early pioneer of the clean beauty movement, Cindy and her team are quietly building lük beautifood into a cult beauty brand based on clean, toxin-free, food active makeup and championing natural beauty.  The nourishing lipsticks are based on avocado, sesame and castor seed oils, and active foods containing antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids.  Shunning synthetic colours, flavours and fragrances, lük lip nourish use only natural mineral pigments and food flavours.

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