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Anthony Dennis

One of the biggest success stories in print media in the past decade has been the readership and revenue growth for Traveller. Australia’s insatiable love for travel and far-away places has seen the brand evolve into a pull-out section published in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age every Saturday and Sunday, an online platform, and full gloss magazine features throughout the year. Reaching over 2.4 million monthly readers across print & digital, Traveller is the essential resource for Australians who love to travel (and to dream about it).

Helming the Traveller masthead is Anthony Dennis, one of Australia’s most experienced travel and tourism editors and the author of two travel books. Prior to Traveller he was deputy editor of The Sydney Morning Herald, founding editor of the Australian Travel + Leisure magazine, and the Australia-New Zealand correspondent for Travel + Leisure US.

Speaking to Mediaweek last year, Anthony revealed the secret to Traveller’s success: “We have been able to capitalise on Australians’ interest in travel. It now means so much to Australians. If you look at the list of discretionary choices of expenditure by Australians, travel is right up there – almost too high perhaps when it ranks above tertiary education!”

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