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Alex White

Whilst working at Civic Video in Newtown as a 16-year-old, Alex White happened upon Love Serenade (1996) starring a young Miranda Otto and produced by Jan Chapman. “It blew my mind that you could make films about women and then, of course, I watched everything Jan produced, and the rest is history.”

By history, Alex is referencing her subsequent decisions to study film production at AFTRS, and the serendipitous meeting with her idol some 15 years later on the set of Griff the Invisible (2011) starring Ryan Kwanten. “I was very lucky that her assistant had resigned so I was literally in the right place and the right time! Jan has been very encouraging and supportive of my development. A true mentor.”

Alex has gone on to produce multi-award-winning films such as Florence Has Left The Building with writer/director Mirrah Foulkes and Academy Award nominated actress Jacki Weaver, Trespass also with Mirrah Foulkes, and Measuring the Jump with writer/director Eden Falk, her partner in life and work.

Currently in post-production for her first feature film Babyteeth, Alex again has the support her mentor Jan Chapman as Executive Producer.

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