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INSIGHT: Art and the Heart

There is an anonymous poster which claims “you can’t spell heart without art”. And another that states “what’s bad for your heart is good for your art”.  They deftly sum up the delicate and eternal interplay between the human heart and art.

What is the correlation between art and health?  Many great artists were alcoholics or have grappled with other addictions. But the inverse is also true – creating art can be deeply cathartic and enjoying art sublime.

Our Insight program kicks off again this month and we are exploring the relationship between art and the heart with a live panel (albeit socially spaced);

  • Professor Ravinav Bhindi MBBS, PhD – Interventional Cardiologist, North Shore Hospital, Head of Clinical Trials and the Structural Heart disease at North Shore Private and Royal North Shore Hospitals, and active research fellow with over 100 publications, a PhD from University of Sydney and postdoctoral fellowship from University of Oxford.
  • Saha Jones – Next Generation Development Manager Art Gallery of NSW and a passionate advocate for the power of art to transcend dissonance and divisive cultural trends and instead promote generosity, diverse relationships and reciprocity at every level.
  • Matt Dibayawan – Health Education Team Manager at the Uniting Medically Supervised Injecting Centre in Kings Cross (MSIC), and curator of the long-running “Art From the Heart of the Cross” project.

When: Tuesday 28th July, 2020
Where: Golden Age Cinema, 78 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills
Time: 6-7pm panel interview

Strictly limited tickets (only 15 guests will be admitted into the cinema due to COVID restrictions) so RSVP to register your interest or receive livestream details.

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