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Connect with us Now on Facebook Groups

This month we are exploring the power of community in the workplace. More than ever before, businesses are using both local and virtual communities to connect to clients, consumers, and the world at large. As part of The Office Space community, our residents receive monthly newsletters and are invited along to our Insight panel series, as well as a whole host of after-work enrichment activities. Now, we’re broadening the scope of our community building efforts into the digital realm by introducing exclusive, location-based Facebook Groups. Facebook’s gone far beyond being a point for procrastination, and a medium for quick communication between friends—it’s where we harbour our world news (hopefully not fake), plan events and birthday celebrations, and develop and engage with our many interests. Facebook’s ability to foster strong online communities is second to none: the digital giant has even created its own ‘Workplace version’, which allows teams to connect and engage digitally in the same rich and thoughtful way they might on Facebook proper. And within all of that online connectivity, Facebook Groups have a great deal to offer—it’s here that people share ideas, seek input, make and break business, or just feel out general community connection and support. According to Business2Community, “more than 100 million people believe that Groups is the most important part of their experience on Facebook.” With all of that in mind—we’ve launched three Facebook Groups: for Reservoir, Paramount, and for our Virtual Office clients. Why should you join? It’s here that we’ll be sharing everything with our clients—a noticeboard of sorts with updates on everything except the kitchen sink, including:

  • All of our upcoming events;
  • Special client-only offers and one-off giveaways;
  • Key technology and building updates;
  • Free food in the kitchens, or spontaneous wine and cheese tastings;
  • Parking police on the prowl;
  • Health club updates (boot camp and boxing);
  • Business articles, resources, and the occasional funny cat video!
  • Events and happenings within the broader local community.

It’s also a space for our clients to share their business efforts and offers with our inspired and diverse business community. Our Facebook Groups will be managed by our real-world community managers, feel free to get in touch or have a chat in person if you have any questions:

So, how do you join?

  1. ‘Like’ The Office Space Facebook Page, here
  2. Follow the link to the Group you’d like to join:

Reservoir, here Paramount, here Virutal, here

  1. Click, ‘Request to join’—we’ll accept ASAP.

As always, we’d love to know what you think. Get in touch with us here, or sign up to receive our monthly newsletter here.

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