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City Farming

The idea of locally sourced produce – vegetables grown minutes away from your kitchen rather than miles, and a meal with a far more simplified and raw journey from paddock to plate, is becoming increasingly popular and preferred. The idea has sparked interest in urban community gardens and a new trend being referred to as ‘city farming’ – where the ancient practice of agriculture is being cultivated from within modern cities. The City of Sydney is supporting the idea via initiatives such as City Farm at Sydney Park, and lists the benefits of the idea as being a way to link city with country, inspiring and educating residents on how to grow their own food and showing how fresh food can be grown within an urban environment. City farming also fosters more sustainable city living as well as a chance to connect with community and to build something meaningful. The following are some great innovative Sydney based city farming initiatives:

  • The Urban Beehive – supporting “the honeybees that do their critically important work in urban Sydney.”
  • Grow It Local – “A celebration of backyard, balcony, community and windowsill farming.”
  • My Home Harvest – “Providing motivation and inspiration to the urban farmers of Australia. Fuelling the passion for backyards and balconies full of edible produce.”
  •  Food Connect – “A a social enterprise that links local farmers with city folk through an organic fruit and vegetable box subscription service.”
And some community gardens located near Office 2010 and Surry Hills:
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