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Check your Purpose Pulse

It’s week six of lockdown. Needless to say, the novelty has well and truly worn off. We’ve swapped our schedules for sourdough starters and our days are no longer defined by their content but by the contents of the fridge. If you’re finding the lack of structure is verging on suffocating, you’ll find solace in knowing that you are definitely not alone. Here are five PULSE points to help you stay motivated when things are getting out of control.

  • Set tasks for the day. It doesn’t matter if it’s finishing your novella or vacuuming the house, starting each day with a list of achievable goals is a great way to find momentum to keep you stimulated during isolation.
  • Schedule the sh** out of it!  If you’re easily distracted at the best of times, working from home and being surrounded by your stuff is not easy (anyone else been overwhelmed by a sudden desire to alphabetise their pantry in the middle of a strategy meeting?) Schedules are great because not only do they keep you on track, they make it really clear when you’re being unrealistic about how much you can achieve. If that means scheduling in 15 minutes after lunch for scrolling through Instagram, do it. The more accountable you become, the better.
  • Be realistic. This is a global pandemic. Yes, some of us have more time on our hands than ever before but that alone does not make this the perfect time to learn the saxaphone, write a play, watch every Werner Herzog film ever made… (you get it). Be realistic. This is stressful. Things are weird. If you want to lie on the couch every now and then and let the carefully curated Netflix chips fall where they may, do it.
  • Watch out for screen fatigue. If you’re sitting at your desk from 9-5 and in front of the TV from 6-10, your eyes are probably not your best friends right now. Thankfully there are a number of things you can do to alleviate screen fatigue or asthenopia before the headaches really kick in. Think about:
    • taking regular breaks
    • getting blue light lenses on your glasses
    • installing f.lux on your computer and let your screen’s brightness adjust to the time
    • invest in some eye drops
  • Take some life lessons. You are (probably) not a schooling-at-home expert, and that is OK! If you are a parent, business owner or employee and someone who used to pride themselves on having hobbies, having a tilt at being ‘teacher’ was probably not on your to-do list. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Everyone is in the same boat and if you’re running low on activities, chances are someone out there has thought of a toilet roll related craft activity you couldn’t have imagined in your wildest dreams!

Good luck!   Illustration by Nikifisher.org

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