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Calling all businesses

Let’s get everyone on the same page! As a shared office operator we value the daily rhythms of the workplace. The place, people and interactions create structure, colour and support to our working day. At the moment the mandate is to separate for our safety, but we are all resourceful at finding new ways to connect and keep working.

Zoom has replaced face-to-face meetings, Uber eats has replaced popping out to the local café for lunch, and, to supplement all those meaningful office interactions (and welcome distractions!), we are relaunching Workplace by Facebook. Workplace is an enterprise grade collaboration and communication tool that connects employees to one another via an internal social network. Access is by invitation only and The Office Space pays the monthly cost per user.

If you are familiar with Facebook’s social platform, you will have no issue using this. Like Facebook, Workplace offers Live Video, News Feed, Groups, Messenger, Reactions, Search, and Trending Posts. It’s a place to put forward ideas for potential collaborations, or flag a particular skill set you are offering or seeking.

We set up Workplace back in 2018 with the help of Alison Michalk, from Quiip, one of Australia’s leading community management partners. Even now, Alison believes Workplace is superior to Yammer, Slack and Microsoft Teams because it isn’t about completing a project, it is focused on building community. So, give it a go, and use this as a tool to help you all stay connected, share resources, explore new working opportunities, and even share your best COVID meme. For our community, watch out for your invite to this platform. If you don’t receive an invite, please contact info@theofficespace.com.au so we can set you up.

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