Insight: The War for Talent

“All that matters is talent. Talent wins.” Ed Michaels, a Director of McKinsey & Company (2018) who first coined the ‘War For Talent’ rubric in 2008 Across the globe and across all industries, a company’s success is predicated…
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Equip – Leadership Seminar

The Myer Briggs Company empower individuals to be their best by cultivating and enriching self-awareness and an understanding of others. Through their programs, they help organisations and individuals to foster…
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Insight: Truth in an Uncertain Age

“When words lose their meaning and their capacity to bind those who use them, neither democracy nor the rule of law can long survive.” ― Austin Sarat In our post-truth era credible…
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Table: The Sandwich Shop

FACT: The sandwich was named after John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich (a gambling addict who was often stuck at the cards table so long, he would request meat in between…
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Insight Recap: Female Founders

During the month of March The Office Space was proud to honour the female founders working against the odds to make their business idea a commercial reality. We assembled a…
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Insight: Female Founders

In Australia women represent only 34 per cent of entrepreneurs, but the number of female entrepreneurs is growing at a faster rate than for men.  Showing resilience in the face…
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Table: Jillians Cakery

2019 has well and truly kicked into gear. As the memories of our Summer holiday slip away, so too does our beach-body dieting. What better way to celebrate, then with…
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Guide: No Man’s Land

Ok, so we know we’re not little kids anymore, and yes, we’d like to think we’ve grown up a little from “no boys allowed!” But, even now, when the women’s…
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Insight: February Recap

On Tuesday 26th February it was a packed house as we kicked off the 2019 Insight program with a look at The Future Workplace. Extraordinary advances in technology have completely…
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